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ALLOWING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH Building profitable corporate negotiation capabilities and application based soft skills training
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Value employees that can negotiate, save thousands of Dollars and know that a negotiation capability directly impacts business profitability!

Negotiation – the competitive advantage and the key to a more profitable business even in difficult economic times! Let MediateSA assist your business in building a negotiation capability which will make it the envy of your competitors and increase the profitability in your business!

Soft skills training where delegates are enabled to apply learnings.

In the competitive global environment businesses find themselves in, it is difficult to understand why these businesses under estimate the value of having an excellent negotiation capability.

Studies in the UK (YouGov survey) have concluded that businesses lose significant amounts of money (12+ USD  PER HOUR) through a lack of negotiation capabilities.

MediateSA specialises in training and consulting to improve corporate negotiation capabilities. This ability assists businesses to achieve an excellent negotiation capability, which in turn will improve business profitability.

MediateSA utilises the best models worldwide including those taught by HARVARD PON and transforms delegates into professional negotiators. These negotiators will also be taught how to continuously improve their capabilities as negotiators and will be able to measure their successes.

Negotiation is the interactive process whereby parties together create and explore alternatives in their common quest to reach value enhancing agreements which is mutually acceptable and honoured by both parties, despite widely different initial positions (Dr David Venter).

Mediation is where two or more parties in conflict are assisted by an impartial facilitator to reach agreement.

Benefits of a negotiation capability:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Profit margins can increase 7% PER ANNUM
  • Successful negotiators = successful business people
  • Respect is earned
  • Staff and customers are happier
  • Continuous improvement is a given

Other services:

  • Soft skills training and development with emphasis on application
  • Labor relations issues-chair of disciplinary inquiry, grievance hearings and mediations, consultations on labor issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation

The Negotiator

Dr Esme van Dyk (Dip IR (IIR) Adv Lab Law (UNISA) MBA PhD is a practising mediator, negotiator and conflict resolution practitioner. She has decades extensive experience in the above fields. She is a member of SAAM (SA Association of Mediators) and was elected to serve on the panel of The African Institute for Dispute Settlement.

An accredited trainer and assessor she presents numerous courses in the area of employment law, leadership development, negotiations, mediations, management, etc. She completed her dissertation on the topic “A scientific model for corporate negotiators.”

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